Qamer Foundation’s Mission Trip to Africa

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By the grace of God, we have been involved with mission work in Africa since 2010. We started with a solar well project in Kitonga village in Tanzania; we helped a young man paralyzed from the neck down, by providing him with mobility; and last year in 2014, we sponsored thirty-four orphans who now have access to food / shelter / health and education.

This year, in 2015, our mission will take place in Pemba Island, Tanzania, where we will help a group of children from the same family, afflicted with a rare disease. These children — all under the age of fourteen — walk on their hands and are unable to walk upright. They live in a mud house and their condition is extremely heartbreaking. Our goal is to empower these children so they can change their disability into ability. We will also be building a brick house for them and a sparsely furnished classroom. Please feel free to watch their video on our home page.

For the first time we will be taking nine volunteers on this mission trip; a 40 foot container will also be shipped with donations collected during the month of May, due to leave Canada on June 6th 2015. We will also be helping orphans and other children, and patients in the local hospital with medical supplies and special needs equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, clutches etc.

Pemba Mission 2015 Accomplished ( see video on home page) The Following was done:

– 10,000 ok (22,00lb) of donation was shipped which included

– The house was completed and the family moved in

– The physio bars have been placed for the children

– Gifts for living better where given to the father of the children

– Orphans and village people were fed

– Classroom – Madressa was built

– The Well beside mosque in the village was repaired and toilets were built

– 11 Orphans were sponsored for the whole year.