Mission to Africa


4th Annual Unity Eid Dinner , where we unite communities under one roof to celebrate Eid and Fundraise for our Projects in Tanzania, East Africa.

2013 We showcased about our Mission Trip to Africa, where we volunteered, myself, my son Mohammed (Brock Student – Political Science) and Mahabba Ahmed (Brock student- Phd in Dis. Humanity)

The following was achieved because of our Unity with the communities here in Niagara, who so generously donated money,clothes,wheelchair,medical supplies and etc.

1. Over 200 Orphan Kids were served with Dinner

2. Over 500 dresses/shorts were distributed to the children of all ages

3. 8 Orphans were sponsored with their family for a full one year programme

4. Meat was distributed to 40 Orphan family homes

5. 27 boxes of Medical supplies/baby packages where delivered to Mkuranga Hospital in the Village

6. Wheelchair/Commode chair/etc were provided to young youth Ahmed Albaity who became Quadriple in an accident in 2007 in Tanga.

7. Sanitary pads – reusable were distributed to teenagers in the Village of Mkuranga/Kitonga

All these was possible because of the Unity in the Community. Our thanks go to:

Our Doctors :

Dr. Tarek Azabi – Donation

Dr. Aziz Walele – Donation

Dr. Taylor – Medical Supplies through “Not Just Tourist”

Dr. Dianne Walser – Sanitary cloth pads – ( sewn by her and are washable/reusable)

The girls there dont go to school as they dont have pads, so end up staying home.

The team of Ladies from Niagara who sewn dresses and shorts from Bedsheets/Pillowcases/Fabric and are still going on for next shipment.

Warehouse of Hope – For supply of Wheelchair

Hamdani Textiles – For Donating the space in their Container for Shipment by sea

Bukhari Law – For Laptop and video baby monitor.

Donations from the members of Islamic Society of St.Catharines and Qamer Foundation.


With this kind of annual event we help ourselves to be caring for the ones in Need.

This year’s event, Islamic Society of St. Catharines has joined hands with Qamer Foundation and we hope every year we get communities joining us.

It was a very Humble experience of volunteering for Orphans and just being there to help in any way we could.

The most touching experience was with Ahmed Albaity, who lost his limbs (Quadriple) and had no shower for 6 yrs as he lies in bed since 2007. We managed with my back ground experience in PSW, help of the local worker and my son, who so gently hold his head over his chest securing him, while we lifted him and used the Commode to wheel him and gave him a REAL SHOWER after 6 YEARS. Our hearts cried with the joy of getting the water on him.

His story is on U tube link on our home page.

So was the meeting with the most vanurable orphan kids, hugging and carrying them was a great feeling of Unconditional Love.

Mahabba just cryed as this was her first time trip to Africa. She was affected by the whole experience of being there. Felt deeply humbled by serving the Orphans with Dinner, dressing them and holding them.

Mohammed posted on face book:

The Medical supplies were delivered to Mkuranga Hospital, who serves a population of over 250,000 people, that’s more than St. Catharines and we still complain about the healthcare provided for free! . The total of 10 doctors and 50 nurses here face daily challenges in treating patients as the Hospital lacks basic equipment such as an X-Ray machine! Hopefully this serves as an eye- opener to show just how blessed we really are in Canada.

Qamer Foundation will continue this work as long as our Community is participating with us.

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