Past Achievements

Welcome to our Past Achievement’s Page. On this page you can view some of the work our organization has done.


5th Unity Eid Dinner -Fundraising for Orphans of Syria/ Iraq- Kurdistan

This Event was sponsored by :

Bukhari Law, who donated $2,500

Towards the expenses of Food.

He also donated $500 towards the Airline ticket for a Volunteer travelled to Africa Mission.

Grand Raffle Prize was Also donated by Bukhari Law.

Funds raised this night : $5,580

The event was attended by more than 300 people.

5 Unity for a Better Community

5th Annual Unity Eid Dinner

Oct 10th 2014 @ Holiday Inn

Gallery Coming Soon.


Unity Iftar Dinner – Fundraiser Palestine – GAZA 2014

(breaking of fast during the month of Ramadan) July 20th, 2014 Attended by Almost 500 people.

Fundraise of Bake Sale/Mango Shake/Palestine Scarfs and Donations raised was:

3,703.70 was handed to Islamic Society of St. Catharines .


Reviving Islamic Spirit (RIS)

Since December 2003, we sponsor an annual trip to “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” conference at the Toronto Convention Centre.



Dec 2013

Bus/3 vehicles. 36 families stayed at Hotel and 147 attended the conference.

Dec 2012

Coach bus full of youth/family with 32 families at the hotel and 118 attended RIS.

Dec 09-11

Two school buses full of youth/family attended RIS over 16 families booked for over night at the hotels.

Dec 2008

Two school buses and one car for transportation to Toronto.

Dec 2007

One school bus and one van for transportation to Toronto.

Dec 2004-2006

Used volunteer vans for transportation to Toronto.

Dec 2003

Used volunteer vans for transportation to Toronto.


Mission to Africa – July 2013

4th Annual Unity Eid Dinner , where we unite communities under one roof to celebrate Eid and Fundraise for our Projects in Tanzania, East Africa.

2013 We showcased about our Mission Trip to Africa, where we volunteered, myself, my son Mohammed (Brock Student – Political Science) and Mahabba Ahmed (Brock student- Phd in Dis. Humanity)


Unity for a Better Community

We started to celebrate Eid al-Adha with the intention to Unite our all multi-cultural communities to come together under one roof to celebrate Eid.

This gave birth to our Annual Eid al-Adha Unity Dinner.

1st Annual Unity Dinner:
29th November 2009 @ Club Roma

2nd Annual Unity Dinner:
3rd September 2011 @ Holiday Inn

3rd Annual Unity Dinner:
28th October 2012 @ Club Roma


Well Project – 2008 to 2011

A solar power well in a village called Kitonga in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, East Africa.

Funds Raised: $9,830.

Updated 2015:

Qamer foundation raised another 2,395$ because the well broke down, after raising the money the water is flowing:




Fundraiser for Somalia

Funds raised: $10,050.98.


Fundraiser for Haiti | 29th Jan 2010

Funds Raised: $6,946.19.


Fundraiser for Gaza | 16th Jan 2009

Funds raised: $20,000.


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