Mission To Africa 2015

Before the Mission

After the Mission


Our Mission

Guiding our youth to a right path in their life experience through serving others,
learning through volunteering the different projects and activities we do and to become
the best public speakers/servers for their community at large and for the world.


Well Project

Funds Raised: $9,830.

A solar power well in a village called Kitonga in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania, East Africa.

Annual trip sponsored by Qamer Foundation

About Us

Who we are

We are people who want to serve our youth and build the future leaders of tomorrow

Our history

After the loss of Qamer, Ahmed & Nabil in 2002, there came the need for an organization to serve Youth and so Qamer Foundation was born in 2004 under their memory.

Our future

Our Future Goal is to build a Community Center for Youth.

Our destiny

We strive to please God and to be amongst the righteous in Jannah (Heaven)

Qamer Abdelgader


The Story of Bilkis Al-Haddad and Qamer Foundation

Welcome to our Website and thank you for visiting us.

My name is Bilkis Al-Haddad, but for most people, I am known as Billy or Sister Bilkis. I was born, raised and educated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and when I married, I moved to the Middle East. In 1997 we immigrated to Canada, as we felt that living in Canada would provide opportunities for our two children, Qamer and Mohammed.

We moved to St. Catharines, Ontario, and Allah blessed me with two more children, Ahmed and Nabil. As I began to settle into raising my two sons, little did I know that this temporary bliss would soon be shattered. On the morning of July 20, 2002, a fire burned down our house completely. I was at work that Saturday morning serving water to patients, yet, I could not save my own children who were in the house. I lost three of my children: Qamer, (thirteen years); Ahmed (three years) and Nabil (two years old). I know Qamer and Mohammed tried saving their two brothers, but God chose to take three of my children; none of them escaped the fire, except my beloved son Mohammed who was then twelve years, who survived by climbing out of the window onto the roof.

This year, 2015, it will be thirteen years since that fateful day, but somehow God gives the strength and patience to continue onwards. Everyday I look at my children’s faces and know that God has put them in a better place, and I trust God in everything He does; He alone has given me the faith to keep moving and a reason for living. I feel I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to serve our youth and to help them become their optimal best. In 2004, I founded the Qamer Foundation, (QF) an organization dedicated to serving our youth. I consider all youth and orphans like my children, and this is an immense blessing gifted by Allah.

QF has since grown to include many diverse projects. We have assisted and raised funds for international disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti, the draught in Somalia; helped people in war-torn countires like Gaza, Kurdistan, Iraq; have helped a young man in Tanga who is paralyzed neck down; provided a hospital clinic with medical supplies; we have built a solar power well for the children of Kitonga; and have sponsored about thirty-four orphans in Tanzania.

Our youth are the pillars for Qamer Foundation; QF tries to provide the necessary training and experiences that will encourage and enable youth to become efficient leaders through public speaking and through volunteering for different projects, conferences and activities. They are at the forefront of all the fundraising that we do every year. By the grace of God, this year, in August 2015, QF will be taking about twenty volunteers on a Mission Trip to Tanzania, where they will experience first hand the difficult situations that some of our fellow brothers and sisters live in on a daily basis.

I want to conclude by including a poem written by one of our QF volunteers, Faduma Gure, a young talented woman who is currently pursuing her Masters in Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa.

Poem: Qamer Foundation

Beneath its crescent and twinkling stars

a mother’s dream to heal her scars

to give the world what she had lost

and travel far, at all costs

their light had burned out much too soon

their souls returned that afternoon,

to the tune of sadness and much disarray

at the swiftness in witness of such a fateful day

yet this sadness inspired

a passion, desire

a fire, ignited to

build strength inside her

acquire the skills to push youth to aspire

to follow their dreams and serve all of mankind

born to this earth to which all are confined

reminded our fates are all intertwined

and that God remains watchful in this limited time

a woman and a mission, intentions and prayers

and the strength to continue through her difficult affairs

sparked an idea to change hundreds of lives

and involve a community in support of this drive

volunteers came and volunteers went

spending their hours collecting their cents

pennies in bottles would soon become wells

for communities who could now bid their thirst farewell

community dinners and fundraisers alike

bus rides to conferences to enrich our minds

support crossing borders to countries inflicted

by famine and bloodshed to which aid was restricted

our t-shirts worn proudly in the streets, in our homes

to show our support to those beyond our abode

yet too, to our neighbours, our families and friends

whose encouragement and love have gone to no end

know that God never burdens beyond one’s own means

and His trials are soon to be followed with ease

that His reward for intention is lasting and true

His assistance in matters is beyond what we can do

in Qamer Foundation lies a story for all

And through these experiences we can recall

That success must be sought, with patience and yearned

Until it can so rightfully be earned

A woman and her mission can be sometimes enough

And with God’s assistance

Push youth to be tough, persevere

And acknowledge the work to be done

To reach a finish line we are surely far from

May God bless all those who with each step they take

Assist those in need and for solely His sake


~ Faduma Gure